Bollywood Stars Ready To Take Stand For Odisha People

Bollywood Stars Ready To Take Stand For Odisha People

We know that one bad thing can destroy everyone life and even everyone career and the same goes to the people who live in Odisha as you all know that many people are the victim of Cyclone Fani which have destroyed many houses and injured people.

But the government is ready to take action and help the people who are the victim of Cyclone fani. Many police officials are ready and they are trying to go door-to-door of people for the fund so that the people who don’t have money or stills struggling for food and water problem can live their life.

Some Donation Given By Bollywood Stars

This news is shocking one in everyone’s life and the Bollywood Industry actor or actress are ready to stand for the people and those are actor Amitabh Bachchan, comedian Kapil Sharma, Madhuri Dixit, Rajkumar Rao and many more start ready to donate some amount for Odisha people.

Well, yesterday we get to know that actor Akshay Kumar donates 1crore to the government for the cyclone victim. Many actors are also doing this and start donating as Odisha IAS Officers associations share his statement that all its member to donate 10,000 to the chief minister relief fund.

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