Excited to Watch The Biopic OF Narendra Modi or Not?


Well, the day has come true where we can say that our Prime Minister Biopic movie is ready to boost the Indian cinema. Some user says it’s just to win the election but there are few others who say there is no strategy implemented to win the election of this year. But who cares a fan like you and me will definitely go and watch such amazing and thrilling biopic of Narendra Modi.

If you are not aware then let us remind you that the biopic is played by the brilliant actor Vivek Oberoi who played the role of Modi from childhood to at current age as who knows a tea stall man one day will rule the country. The director of this film who has made several hit films and it is none other than Omung Kumar who is ready to release the film on 5 April 2019.

We want to inform you that Vivek Oberoi himself had to appear before the election commission because the Congress charged the makers of the biopic with violation of the model code of conduct.

We have seen his interview on NDTV where the actor said that “does one ask an actor why they want to release their films on Eid, Christmas or Diwali” but here the film’s objective is just to show a good respect that it and they want to pay a humble tribute to our Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

We have seen a lot of silence in many politicians as they just making excuses of why the film has been made so our suggestion is not to waste your time to raise the biopic issue release and focus on the election first which is going on this year. A 42-year actor also said that every Indian citizen of this country has a constitutional right to make a film that they want it, it’s his or her choice that at what agenda the director is looking for so don’t include this on a political issue.

We want to share one more important thing and that is about the statement of some politician who says that flop director made flop films with flop actors.

Well, you are no one who can judge others so first learn how to appreciate other people work.

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