Not An Easy Job To Give Biggest Hit in Bollywood But Avenger Did That

Not an easy job to give biggest hit in Bollywood but Avenger did that

Yes, it’s true fact that giving the blockbuster movie in the Bollywood industry and earning a good amount of revenue is not an easy job for any director whether he/she is a perfectionist or not. But fortunately, Endgame did that and maintains a good highest crossing amount of revenue in the Bollywood industry.

We all know about the film that it has pulled Marvel cinematic journey ad in this way, Avenger Earn 326 Crores in the box office by the end of the 12th day in Indian cinema.

The film was released in 26th April this year and we know how hard is to get a ticket in any theater. The reason is simple people can take a holiday from their offices just to watch the Marvel Story as they know their favorite actors did a fabulous job.

We talk about the review facts then many people say about the good direction that they have shown this year and in this way Avenger is in the 6th position of earning the highest amount of revenue in the Bollywood industry.

About Ashish Saksena: COO of Cinema Ticket Booking Online

Ashish Saksena said “It’s good to see a Hollywood movie getting good review and earning the best amount in box office as the demand of Avenger ticket is reaching on sky and everyone love to watch this film” he also said that Bookmyshow has sold around eight million tickets online and it still counting and it guaranteed that it reached on the top list of success films.

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