Now You Can Play Harry Potter‘s Wizard Unite In India Too

Harry Potter Game : We remember our childhood has gone just playing our favorite video games like Mario where we spend most of the time in playing those games rather than study. But jokes apart today we want to share something interesting stuff so my question is for you all that which movies series you have watched in your childhood time? You can name several one but one of our favorites is Harry Potter and you all are agreeing with me.

We remember the time when we watch out the hostel life full of magic and some magician who teach their students some magic tips. But now the time has come where you are allowed to play the games like this as Niantic who is the developer of Pokemon Go now develop an Augmented Reality game and that is Harry Potter: Wizard Unite which is now available in the country like India too.

Planning For This Game

First of all the developer wants to launch this game in the European and Western countries but now you can watch out the developer has decided to launch in 25 countries and India is one of them.

Now let’s discuss about the game as it is available in IOS and Android platform so you don’t worry about installing in Mobile phone and also the game is just of 71 MB which is free of cost so don’t miss this opportunity and start playing.

Before Playing This What We Have To Do?

We know many of you have raised the question like what you have to give before playing this game so let me tell you that before the game start you have you write your date of birth and year and then log-in with your Google or Facebook account whatever suits you.

The Harry Potter game need your location service and also want to access to your camera so don’t reject because it is required and even you have to write your name which is not shown to anyone.

Here you will watch you’re your favorite character and your role is of new recruit within the Statute of Secrecy Taskforce so solve the mystery game and get an experience of Augmented Reality.

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