How Earning Via Whatsapp Is Possible Now?

How earning via Whatsapp is possible now?

There are many social media platforms that are ruling in every user smartphones but fortunately, few of them is ready to be in trend and gained lots of popularity all over the world and one of them is Whatsapp. We generally used to send a text or want to do video and voice call to our family or friends so here Whatsapp will help us to do all such things.

The only application which is must in every smartphone because it is one of the social media platforms that are used by every user nowadays. But do you think that start earning via Whatsapp is an easy process? How? Let’s see what we have to do for earning-

The first is about the viral content

So, the first is you have to register on the URL shortening service and here you have to post your article and blogs that can help you to earn amount. Okay, so we want all of you to follow these steps to earn via Whatsapp-

  • Visit any site of URL Shortening website that is available for you like
  • You have to register here and we want all of you to use Facebook login.
  • The next step is getting the URL of any site for your Whatsapp group then paste on the site and click on SHORTEN URL.
  • Now, this is an easy step for you just copy it and send it to your friends or family members who use Whatsapp.
  • So, in this way the more people click on that, the more you get money.

Now The Next Is About The Selling Process Marketing

We all know many of us like to do online business just sitting at home so here Whatsapp is ready to enable all the users who are looking to operate their business and want to earn more. You can share your product in Whatsapp by making a group of your friends or family members so if anyone is interested then he/she will purchase from you.

Another Way Of Earning

This step is not related to earning money but it may help you to get free recharge or get free-coupons as there are many ways. You will also get Paytm Cash if you want. So, if you are looking to recharge in a free of cost then you have to share a referral link with your Whatsapp contact so that they can share more and help you.

Is It Possible To Earn Via PPD Network?

If you don’t know then let me tell you that PPD is Pay Per Download as here you have to open the site like Openload. This is one of the sites which is easy for you to register and what you have to do is upload movies, pictures anything and if any user downloads your stuff then you will be paid according to that.

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