Is John Cena is in a new relationship or not?

john cena

We can forget any actor or we can forget any politician but our childhood memories start with watching WWE. You all are agree with me I know and our favorite superstar of WWE is none other than John Cena for sure. A 16-time world champion is the face of the WWE earlier but now he moved to the Hollywood industry and start his journey to be an actor of films. Recently we have seen him in Wrestle Mania 35 where he returns with his cool look.

We all know that has been a rumor that John Cena and the WWE diva Nikkie Bella in a living relation but that over now both are separated from each other. We can say that it’s moved on from John Cena because now he is dating someone else as we have seen WWE champ with the new mystery girl in Vancouver. So, it true that the news of Cena and Nikkie is over and now we will see a new mystery girl who can be a life partner of his life. Someone posted a picture of Mr. John Cena with a girl where his face expression simply told the whole story.

Two of them caught in Vancouver and both are smiling and happy for each other so it’s a fact that John Cena has finally found his lifetime partner after posting a video with her on Instagram. If you are his fan then please go and watch that video where they both are hanging together. The rumor also said that he visited there for his new project “Playing with a fire” In the Vancouver area and he can stay there for a long time due to his shooting schedules in Canadian city so in short, we wish him a stroke of Good luck for his future now.

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