How School Children’s Can Earn Money via Online

student earn money online

The heading might be confused you but it is the fact that a child who is studying in 11th or 12th class is
able to earn some money via online. We remember the time a few years ago when children’s have no
knowledge related to the internet or about earning concept but now everything moves and adults are
becoming smart in every process. So let’s come to the point that a child of 16 or 17 years old can earn
money? Yes he/she can but do you know how they can do that, if not then read below because we want
all of you to work on these steps which are written below.

Focus on Design and Sell Photos

We all know that today’s time, people mostly spend their time on social media platform so one of the
platforms is Instagram which is popular all over the world. You are able to click some amazing pictures
from your camera and if you want to earn money then sell them on Instagram. You have to make your
page and share your photograph that you clicked with the hashtag on the caption so it may be viewed
by many and interested users buy it.

Write Something on Someone’s Website

If you are good in writing something related to any topic then my suggestion is to contact such website
which can provide you freelance work and you are able to write some blog for them and they will pay
you according to your work. A school going child can do this work when they return home so go for it.

Want to Play games and Earn Money?

Yes, it is true as if your parents take video games from your hands then they are doing the wrong thing
because their children’s can be a gamer one day and easily can earn but if you are a school student right
now then the good news is for you that you can earn via playing games. There are many programmers
who are looking for such talented students who can show their skills and you can participate in that and
earn some money. Even they can allow you to participate on a national level to earn money.

Selling is Also a Plus Point for you

Don’t underestimate anyone in your life and here we want to say that a child can also earn via selling
stuff on different websites who can give them money while purchasing. Try to operate the site like
Amazon where you are able to sell your items which are useless for you and download the applications
in your smartphone which can take your item and give you some amount.

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