Apple Has Done A Great Job Or Not?

Apple Has Done A Great Job Or Not?

It is very important to manage the time of using the application on IOS and also the best way to check the time you spend on the app can be done screen time limiting application. As screen time on your IOS definitely show each and every user that which app shows you a number of notification and with this, you can set allowances and limit.

But yesterday news has shocked every user when the Apple announces that 11 out of 17 Mobile Apps are removed which is most downloaded and parental-control apps. Some of the users are so addicted that such apps especially for them but unfortunately Apple removed that because now they have their own screen time tracker which is not very effective for fighting the addiction but can be helpful.

We have done lots of research where we find out that the third party app maker has a fear that they are always being punished and this time again and the reason can be of Apple growth. It can stop the growth of Apple business and in this way, it stops their extra revenue. But some expert of Apple said that Apple is going to take tick actions and can come heavily on those who are addicted and this way it can help the parent to get control over their Own child.

Some application has been removed by the Apple and what I see is a correct decision because such types of app gain too much information from the user device which can create a Big Issue in anyone’s life.

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