People Of Jammu And Kashmir Want Phone Connectivity To Operate In Festival days

This month we saw many changes and new concepts going on as we people are too happy what the government did while removing the Article370. Some of you can say that its politics and some don’t care whether it’s politics or not, we want the restriction and rules follow by every state of India should be applied on Jammu and Kashmir too and it will be now.

Let me tell you the actual condition going on there as strict restricts going on for every people and no mobile internet and network connections. People are facing many difficulties for that as phones lines are inactive after crossing Reasi district. The Reasi district is very close to the border.

People Want To Operate Phones Because Of Festival Matter

Let me share a statement of a woman who lives in Jammu and Kashmir as she said that “Festivals of Rakhi is around the corner. At least I should be able to call my brothers who don’t live in Jammu. I miss them in festival times so please give some hours and start activates the phone network for festivals purpose”. The lady lives in Jammu and Kashmir and her name is Geeta Devi.

Condition Of Jammu City Right Now

You gonna see that the restriction on no phone calls is active too in Jammu city as if you are resident of Jammu city then let me tell you that the phone lines will be disconnected after crossing Reasi. But the good news is shops are open there and many people are busy there for shopping for Eid.

Not only the phone connection or internet, many problems there are facing like transportation too where you will see some changes in the bus routes. Let see what the government will show their action toward such problems later and what will they do in these festivals days.

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