Some Creative Feature Provided By Top Social Media App Facebook

Some Creative Feature Provided By Top Social Media App Facebook

Getting bored at home and need someone who can be your free-time partner as you all know the time is to learn or get attached with the social media site and one of the topmost social media apps is one and only Facebook.

No matter whether you want to talk to your friends or family member as you have the facility to talk to them via Voice call or Voice call ideo call too. Such a facility is the best part and gets a number of users but are you aware of a new feature offer by Facebook?

Many of you still not get my point as here we are Highlight about the story feature as you are able to add digital birthday card, some rare pictures and even video of the other users to make his/her day a special one.

We know that around 500 million users daily open their Facebook account just to put their stories and if such feature is available then it can invite more users.

Statement of Jehan Damji: Product Manager at Facebook

He says that “we are launching this feature for all those who love to use the Facebook site as Birthday story feature can make a special day for those to whom you are doing this, adding photos and video feature of birthday can make that day a special one”.

If you want to add a birthday sticker then it may give you Happy Birthday soundtrack on the story. If you want to know what to do to use this feature then first of all just tap on the birthday Notification then shoot a picture or video or you can also upload that’s it.

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