Your Favorite Application Of Creativity And Talent TikTok Is Back

Your Favorite Application Of Creativity And Talent TikTok Is Back

It’s quite shocking for the users who heard the news when the government ban the mobile application which is popular all over the world and it is non-other than TikTok app. Finally On 23 April 2019, The Madras court said that you are free to use the application in IOS play store if you are IOS user or you can download the app from Google play store if you are Android user. Basically, the reason behind the ban of the application is it is compared with the game of Blue Whale app and also it shows some pornographic.

Well, here our government is right to ban the application which can show bad impression who are below the age of 15. As the application is generally used by the user of every age but it doesn’t mean you can compare it with the game Blue Whale who has taken many lives of the human being. If you are looking to ban the application which is harmful then bans those apps like Blue Whale. If you are not aware of the TikTok application then let me tell you that it is just a fun app where you have shown your creative talent by making a video of just 15 seconds that it.

You can sing a song or can repeat the dialogue of any film and the video you can share it with your friends of TikTok And Even In Social Media. platform. So, here we want to highlight That The Government Made Good Decision To Remove All Such Sexually Exploit Thing In Such Chinese Made App But You Can’t Compare The App With Awful Apps Which Can Ruin Every Child.

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