Now You Can See Facebook Remove Ban On Crypto Currency Ads


We don’t know whether it is a good decision by Facebook or not but let’s understand why they banned earlier as we all know in 2017; money poured into the sector scam proliferated. The ICOs include the Word-press website and often term fake times have increased thousands of users rapidly from unsuspecting investors. So, in short, all such scams are profitable to them but the company has to pay the premium for all kind of advertising in their platform and here we should say Facebook is one the App for crypto-related advertising.

Facebook Banned Crypto Ads Last Year

Last year on January 2018, Facebook finally announced their policy that they now banned crypto- currency ads and the reason they said of banning such ads is misleading or deceptive. In fact, Facebook is not only the platform who banned such ads, Google on March last years banned such misleading ads after hearing a good decision from Facebook.

Now They Bring Back Crypto Currency Ads

So, finally Facebook one of the platforms which used by millions of user has finally updated its advertising policy which now allowed to see Cryptocurrency ads in their platform.

Now the users are able to see ads of Cryptocurrency and blockchain now we will see how such types of ads in Facebook rule in the platform.

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