Another Incident Happened Just Because Of PUBG Game

Another Incident Happened Just Because Of PUBG Game

It’s shocking news that the game PUBG is taking many people lives as we all are so addicted to this game that we forgot to eat our food and study on time. It’s totally ridiculous because we don’t have to be such addict whether it’s about the Smartphone or it’s about the gaming application.

Here we are not stopping you to play but the application should be used in a limit so that it never affects you in your health or any purpose. One more incident happens because of playing the Game PUBG and if you are not aware then watch out here.

Furkhan Qureshi Is No More Now

16 years old boy who lives with his family in Madhya Pradesh name Furkhan Qureshi is no more as his family member said that he died because of cardiac arrest and why it happen let me explain. Furkhan is so addict of PUBG game that whenever he returns back to school, he started playing this for 6-7 hours every day non-stop. On the day when he died, he was playing for 5-6hrs as her sister told to media that she was sitting behind him when he was playing.

Suddenly Furkhan shouted in his smartphone that “Come on here, carry out blast fast” and then he throws his earphone and starts crying. His sister told to media that he lose the game that why he started crying and then suddenly Furkhan family member took him to the hospital where the doctors said that he is no more now.

PUBG Should Be Banned or Not?

So, are you blaming PUBG Game for this? We don’t think so blaming PUBG or banning this game is a solution because there are many other games that are similar to PUBG so we want all of you to set the time of using the mobile phone and work according to that whole day. Banning is not a solution, you should not be an addict of anything so stay safe.

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