Finally, The Official Date Of PUBG Game Lite Announced in India

pubg game lite

Congratulations friends, your PUBG game lite partner PUBG Lite has announced its final date of release in
India. We all know that our country half of the population is so much addict of pubg game lite that if there
is any kind of update related to PUBG they get to know, they will definitely do that even if they have to
pay something. People are so addict of PUBG game that they forget to eat their food on time or even
they don’t go outside to play with their friends because they know now their free time partner is one
and only and that is PUBG. But now when the announcement of pubg game Lite who is now the partner of
PUBG game revealed we all are so excited to hear.

When will PUBG Lite launch in India?

Before launching in India, the game PUBG Game Lite was launched in Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Taiwan and
Brazil and for your kind information, the game gets lots of success there. Now the time is of country
India that when it will be launched so we have done research related to this and finds out that it is going
to be launched on 11th July this year. There was a rumor related to PUBG Game Lite that some developer is
looking for a beta testing phase in many regions and India is one of them but finally, announcement
related to the PUBG Game Lite revealed that it is going to be seen this year. So, just wait for the 11th of July a
few days were left.

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