First Ever PUBG Nations CUP Winner Is Team Russia

These days I think people can live without food and water but how hard it is to stay away from one of the top trending mobile game these days and that is PUBG. We know that keeping Smartphones away for some minutes is too difficult because your friends start calling you to join the game.

Everyone is so addict of this game that they are ready to spend 5-6 hours continuously. Their part-time friend is no one and only and that is PUBG game.

Many teenagers start avoiding going outside to play because they know that PUBG is playing friend role and always stay with them. But the shocking news is now the addicts of PUBG can earn some money because the championship going on these days.

Hear About The PUBG Nation Cup Battle?

Well, some of you don’t know but the fact is the first-ever PUBG Nation Cup held and here the best players who know every technique of the game participated.

Every team represents their Country and the final took place in Seoul. Let me tell you that to participate in this tournament, 16 countries send their team who are talented one in PUBG Game.

Want to know the countries who participated? Those were Thailand, Russia, China, US, Vietnam, Canada, China Taipei, Turkey, Japan, Argentina, Australia, UK, Finland, Brazil and last Germany.

Want To Know How Much Prize Distributed?

It will be shocking for you but the fact is the prize pool of the tournament was $500,000. The prize was distributed among all the positions and the first team who has a maximum number of points is team Russia with 127 points.

This is such a big achievement for their team. With this, the developer of PUBG game has also announced about the next PUBG World Championships which is going to be held in California from 8th of November to 24th November. The final match will be held in Oakland.

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