New Infection Mode Coming Soon In PUBG Game

These days gaming Application on smartphones is in trend and that is why there is hard to guess which app of game fall. We all know every game application whether some game conduct mission, some for shooting purpose and some for mystery one but how can forget the number one application of gaming which is in everyone smartphone.

Yes, we are talking about the game called PUBG which has made every teenager addicted to. Before PUBG entering in the play store, every teenager is just fed up because no such best games are launched but after the PUBG they forget the previous one and start focusing on PUBG game Application today.

We always watch out something new when we play PUBG and that is why we have written this blog to inform you that one more feature is coming soon.

Zombie Mode Feature Creates More Interest To Play

The game called PUBG get a new infection mode under the Zombie-Based modes as the team of developer decided that they will launch this feature this year soon. Basically, the role of this upcoming feature is here the play get to hunt zombies. With this, the beta version of the PUBG Mobile Game has received 0.14.0 update as they bring many such changes and also bring the zombie mode too for all those who love to play this game. It’s gonna be so exciting for you because you will now live the life like Zombie live.

About The Infection Mode, What To Do?

When this mode called Infection creates on PUBG game then you will watch out that it divide the defenders and zombies first. The role of every defender is to kill all such zombies which are near to them with the help of special weapons.

After you kill all zombies you can turn the zombies into a human but remember if zombies kill human then it can make every player into zombies. Every match is just for 15minutes and every human has to stay alive to win this game.

So apart from this mode, you gonna see some more changes which can create more interest in your for PUBG Game as it gets slight UI redesign which help you to choose the mode. You can watch out the new characters here and every player gets the character at the beginning.

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