Restriction On PUBG Games Is Good Idea Or Not?

Restriction On PUBG Games Is Good Idea Or Not?

I don’t know that to feel happy for this decision or not as you all know the PUBG game is in trend these days and many users never play other games not even download and always keep themselves busy in one and Only PUBG. Is PUBG Addiction is Good? If someone asks me this question then I will totally say no as you don’t have to make any kind of addiction whether it is of social media or for any games but unfortunately the game PUBG nowadays makes everyone feel good and give proper ease.

But now let me share something interesting for you all and bad for the diehard fan of PUBG Game as the player who is busy in the game get a notification after playing for more than 4 hours that you cannot play more than 6 hours a day.

This kind of change is applied in India and we expected that should happen all over the country where PUBG is an addiction in everyone’s life. I just want to ask one question from you all that PUBG is the only thing left in your life? Not at all boys and girls as the life is more and the good news is for the Chinese users that their government has Banned PUBG Mobile Game for the people who are under the age of 13. In the end,

We just want to say that it is just the latest news and if any update about PUBG game happens, we will inform you while writing an article here.

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