Can I Earn Money With The Help Of Youtube?

We all have heard about the social media application and basic messaging apps that are in trend and there is doubt to say that those are popular all over the world and the reason is you always find something interesting when you operate. But are you aware of one more application where you are able to show some talent and can watch out for the video purpose?

Yes, the Application is Youtube which is so popular that if someone wants to see the highlights of some cricket matches or if the users are a big fan of Wrestling then he/she can watch while opening the Youtube app.

Even if someone wants to learn something like cooking then they can watch the recipe which guides you on how to make food. But there is a big difference between learning and earning so folks I want all of you to know that Youtube app is helpful for you to earn money. Want to know the whole process? Pay attention here-

Setup Your Own Youtube Channel First

The first step which you all have to do is setup your own channel as if you are a creative person like Bhuvan Bam then operate some comedy channel for yourself. Even if you have anything creative then the audience will love to see then start your own channel on Youtube App first.

Second is To Add Some Content For The Audience

Your next process is you have to add some content that must be innovative or you can say a special one which the audience loves to see. Try to avoid the long paragraph which is worst not only for the audience but also for you too.

How To Gain The Audience For Your Channel?

This question should be in your mind that how you will gain the audience for your channel because if no audience watches your channel then you know what the result is. So, share your channel link with many as you can take help of social media app so go for it.

Next is To Monetize Your Videos Properly

This one is important for you because you have monetized your video as here it means that you are allowing Youtube to place the Ads in your own channel to earn something. To do this-

  • Open the Youtube and click on “My channel” from the webpage.
  • On the top bar you have to click on the Video Manager link.
  • Click channel and also enable the monetization.

Get Your Requirements Done

If your only motive on the Youtube channel is to earn money then you must have 1000 subscribers for that and this way you get some money from your channel.

You Have To Check The Analytics

This is too important one so must read out folks as you have to check the analytics which means you get to know what the response you get from the video which you share with the audience. You can check the analytics from the Channel menu only.

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