Can You Read Deleted Whatsapp Messages Someone Sent To You?

Well, we have already told you that nobody is going to stop the power of social media platform because these days only the social media apps are ruling in the market but my question is for you all that which is the best and topmost social media app nowadays?

Some you say Facebook or some of you Highlight the Instagram app but what I find out that everyone loves to use the Whatsapp application which shows outstanding features all the time.

Best in Whatsapp Application

What is the best part of Whatsapp? You are not only allowed to text but also the Whatsapp Application allows their user to talk to their friends via video call and voice call too. Even the user can share the pictures and videos if they want to send it to someone and of course the application Whatsapp is the best to do online business in the market. But I have seen that many of you get in trouble when they are not able to read the message which is sent by the user and deleted on the spot. Want to know the solution? Watch out-

Solution To Read The Deleted Messages

. So, if you want to read those messages which send by someone and delete it on the spot as you have to First Download the third-party app which is called out Notification History which is easy for you to download on Google play store.

. If your downloading process is completed then your next job is to search the message in Notification log in Android.

. You get easy access on the notification log without any need of an additional application to find out the deleted messages. Press the home screen then you have to tap on Widget then activities then Settings then Notification Log. So, you get easy access on the notification log.

. Also, on the stock Android, a setting widget can easily get access to the notification log so go for it.

With this, we also want to share one more thing that if you are using the third-party launchers like Nova Launcher then you also get easily access to read out the deleted messages pr

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