How To Use WhatsApp Without An Internet Connection?

We people operate and know every messaging application that which is better one and which is now. From the Facebook app to Snapchat, we all are aware of every feature of such messaging and social media applications these days.

But if I ask you which app you daily use and always be useful for you if you want to chat with someone, want to do a video call, want to send some file? I know you know the application is one and only and that is WhatsApp which is popular all over the world.

This application gets success in a short time because of its topmost features and that is why in today’s time it has 1.5 million users who operate this app on their mobile phones.

We all know that such apps start and run with a proper internet connection if you want to send anything but is it possible that we can use WhatsApp without internet? Yes, it is just read out the below content-

Is It Possible WhatsApp Without Internet?

So here I will share some details what you have to do to operate this process as you have to update your WhatsApp IOS with the WhatsApp application new version which is important and the version is 2.17.1. When you complete this then you are allow sending the message to your contact one by one. Wait? Are you still confused what to do? I will guide you step by step-

  • First of all you have to purchase a normal SIM card which is called Chatsim for one year and that will cost you just Rs 950.
  • The next process is you have to activate your Chatsim with a number to use the facility of sending something without internet on WhatsApp.
  • So folks what you have to do is enter the 20-digit Verification number on SIM card.
  • Okay so if your SIM gets activated then you are allowed to send text messages.
  • It not only works for sending a message as it is ready to operate if you want to work for media and voice calling.

One more thing if these process starts working then you are allowed to use other messaging Application like BBM, Hike, WeChat and many more so go for it.

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