Xiaomi Lovers Now Watch Out New Smartphone In The Town

Xiaomi Lovers Now Watch Out New Smartphone In The Town

There is nobody who is not aware of the company Xiaomi which is now the topmost company in the market. Why they are on top? The reason is simple because it launched an amazing smartphone with superb design as they only focus to develop the smartphones for Android platforms.

This company basically sells most of the smartphones in India and one of them which is launched yesterday and that is Redmi K20 Pro. The company launched this mobile phone on 28th May 2019. I know you all are excited to know about its features and everything so pay attention here-

New Redmi K20 Pro is an amazing one

Whenever we go to purchase the smartphone, first we want to know the information about that phone so if you are looking to purchase Redmi K20 Pro then we want to tell you that 6.39inch display touchscreen can make you feel like you are using HD screen of a smartphone. As it is powered by 2.8GHz as the mobile phone Redmi K20 comes with 6B of RAM in the market.

Now read some important features about Redmi K20 Pro

Let’s go through the details as the internal storage of this Mobile Phone is 64GB which I think is enough one for you because it never finishes. Now read an exciting part as we know most of you purchase the phone if it has the best camera pixel so if you want Redmi K20 Pro then it shows the 48Megapixel+ 8Megapixel+ 13megapixel primary camera and also 20Megapixel if you want to use selfie camera.

There is no issue of single SIM as here user will get dual SIM service and also some other special services like Bluetooth, NFC, Infrared, USB Type-C, Active 4G on both SIM card and many more. What about the Fingerprint Sensor? Yes, you will get and also the face lock process to for your security so don’t waste your time and start purchase new Redmi K20 Pro.

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